Keratin Lash Lift

(about 60min ~ 70min) 

$105 / $120 with tint

This advanced "keratin-infused" lash lift does it all! - Lift / Repair / Nourish.

No Thioglycolic Acid that can possibly cause dryness / frizziness on thin ~ medium lashes & 100% damage free!  

Great for clients with thin ~ medium and semi-thick lashes.  Please note that this treatment is too gentle for some thick / stubborn straight lashes and the traditional Lash Lift treatment is more suitable for thick lash clients.  

This is also great for clients who just took off extensions and lashes need a deep conditioning treatment.


(about 45 ~ 60min)

$105 / $120 with tint

For clients with VERY THICK / STUBBORN STRAIGHT LASHES that do not get lifted well with the gentle keratin lash lift.  Lash conditioning treatment included. 

Lash Damage Repair w/Keratin 

(about 60min ~ 70min) 


Did you recently get a lash lift (not by me) and now your lashes are over curled (curled back into your eyelids), dry, frizzy, crunchy, or bent 90 degrees on the sideway? (looks like bug legs) No worry! Your lashes will be repaired with my keratin & peptide Infusion treatment!  

Which treatment is best for you?

It depends on your lash thickness and what your lashes need as well as your preference.  Both are great treatments. Some lashes respond well to both treatments and some only see good results with one type of treatment, Keratin or Traditional. I’ll be happy to provide a free virtual consultation prior to making an appointment. Feel free to call/txt/email!

Will a lash lift work for me?

Many people love it but you won’t know until you try it. It’s just like trying a new cuisine. I’m a very experienced lash lift technician and I have over 40 different lash lift rods to accommodate all types of eye shapes and lash lengths. The truth is some lashes don’t get lifted well. Eye shape, lash length and fullness can affect the lift result and generally longer/fuller lashes get better results. Clients with shorter lashes, droopy eyelids, or monolid eyelids may not get a “wow” result but I have many return clients with short lashes, monolid eyelids, and droopy eyelids who are happy with the results. If you have very short lashes and expecting a dramatic change, lash lift many not give you the result you desire - tiny lashes get a tiny lift, and sparse lashes will stay sparse. 

Do you want to chat with me first before making an appointment? 
Feel free to contact me via txt (206-486-0808) for a consultation! 

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  • Lash lift may not for you if you have watery or twitchy eyes or very sensitive skin.   
    NO FREE REDO/REFUND when the lift result is not satisfactory due to watery or twitchy eyes.  

  • Clients must come in WITHOUT mascara. I can not guarantee the best result if any mascara left on lashes.  Your appointment time is for lash lift/tint service and time to remove mascara is not included.  
    NO FREE REDO/REFUND when the lift result is not satisfactory if clients comes in mascara. 

  • Clients must be able to close both eyes and stay still during the lash lift treatment. This treatment is not recommended for clients who are claustrophobic/can not close both eyes. 
    NO FREE REDO/REFUND when the lift result is not satisfactory due to eyes keep moving/opening

  • Please make sure to arrive on time. All no-show, late cancellation, and late arrival are subject to 100% of a service fee. 

  • All clients under the age of 18 must provide a written consent (email acceptable) from a parent or guardian.